Welcome in the home off Crypto Fruks & Frunkles

We are a project that started out as an expression of our admiration for Cardano and the sheer joy involved in making art.
We are a international team of software engineers, designers and promoters that aim to reach as many of you as we can and leave a mark on your lives (as well as on the Eth/polygon Chain).

Since its beginning, the project has grown organically into an ambitious roadmap that includes manny Unique projects such as : Cryptofrunks – The Frunkles – MetaMonsters – Cryptobese ect.

Our Official project Roadmap, also includes developing a peer-to-peer marketplace that will facilitate sales and auctions of NFTs, as well as supporting other artists with launching their own collections on the eth/polygon blockchain through our infrastructure.
Cryptofrunks and its community is our pride and joy, with a realistic and achieveable vision.

So join us on this journey and let’s take this NFT WORLD by storm!

This project is about creating a system of wealth and stability to all cryptofrunks holders and traders, They are unique and single edition 1 of 1 NFTs. Total supply of over 10k Unique 1/1 Frunks Not affiliated or associated with any other projects. we strongly believe if you cant share ,you cant earn (from the Holy bible of Crypto frunks).